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Autoradio screen 9" GPS Android 10 Peugeot 3008 from 2013 to 2016



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Android 10 autoradio equipped with a Quad Core A7, 1.5Ghz and 2Gb RAM DDR3 processor. Europe 3DGPS map, equipped with Bluetooth and built-in WiFi. Tactile Full HD 1024 x 600 pixel resolution display, USBmedia, SD and 16GB internal memory. Apple CARPLAY and Android AUTO. Unlimited applications via Playstore: waze, deezer, maps, facebook and many more... Recovery of steering wheel controls.


Autoradio GPS, Bluetooth incorporating the latest multimedia technologies.

Designed spespecially for your vehicle, this model will fit perfectly into your dashboard. Easy installation and connection with the original connector provided.

Find your way easily with its 3D GPS function, while quietly listening to the radio or audio content through its various media, namely: USB, SD card or its internal memory of 16GB. All of these media also allow you to play video content.

Its bluetooth will allow you to make a safe phone call without any action on your phone. The Autoradio is able to retrieve all your contacts and call log, it also has a digital keyboard and the keys pick up hang up. You can also listen to your music from your smartphone through the Autoradio via the audiostreaming feature.

But it allows you to go even further thanks to its built-in WIFI and since it works on Android, you will have the same possibilities as an android tablet or smartphone on your autoradio: surfing the net via google chrome for example or download and install android applications such as WAZE, GOOGLE MAP, napster, deezer, facebook and many others ...

No DVD CD player on this model.

External DVD CD player (to put in the glove box) for sale in our shop.

This Autoradio is of course equipped with the RDS Radio but also the mirror link function, rearview camera, DVR camera and other functions to discover in the detailed description.


Indication of compatibility of this Autoradio with your vehicle.

  • Peugeot 3008 from 2013 to 2016 with A/C control and auto-only steering wheel on the left

Ref GPK-19430M for models with air conditioning/manual heating

Not compatible with 3008 hybrid.

Replaces the following devices (thisphoto list (s) does not necessarily represent all the original models),contact us if in doubt or if your device does not appearbelow.


Functions : - DEported DVD CD player (optional) - 3G/4G - Rearcoding camera (not included) - HDD up to 500GB. - Installing android app - Built-in Wi-Fi - Dual zone - Apple link Ipod and iPhone - Mirror Link - Shared screen dual function - PIP (picture on picture) - GPS 3D Europe - Radio RDS - USB and SD (32 GB max) - Carplay - Android auto (optional)
Amplifier chip : - ST TDA7388
System :Android 10
Processor :Quad Core A7 1.5 Ghz
Memory :16GB
Bluetooth :HFP - Journal Call - Call - Replica - Keypad - 4.0
Audiostreaming Bluetooth :Driving control (AVRCP) - Title and album view - A2DP Music
MIC bluetooth :Additional external micro input - External microphone - No microphone on the front
Screen size :9"
Screen resolution :Full HD 1024 x 600
Touchscreen type :Capacitive - Multipoint - Ultra clear - Curved glass
Radio Tuner :ST7786
Retrieving flying controls :Yes
Original camera recovery :Contact us
Original amplifier recovery :Contact us
Original micro recovery :No
Optional :TPMS tire pressure - Digital TV (tuner) - CD/DVD player - DVR camera (dash cam) - DAB DAB - Interface OBDII - 3G/4G modem key - Carplay - Android auto - Rear-motion camera

Detailed desc

GPS, Bluetooth and multimedia car radio powered by Android 10

Take advantage of the Android 10 system and its intuitive interface to use your favorite applications, listen to high quality music, watch videos up to 1080p full HD, make calls and find your destination or even listen to the radio as well as all the possibilities offered by an Android tablet.

You can perform several tasks at the same time through its Touch screen (capacitive and multipoint) FULL HD 1024x600 pixels and thanks to its Quad core processor A7 1.2GHZ and its 2Gb of RAM (Samsung DDR3) .

2.5D curved glass screen

3D GPS function

You have no sense of direction and you are going on a trip, that's good, Europe 3D maps are provided. You can easily find your destination, your favorite places, restaurants, ATMs of banks, airports, gas stations and more ...

The GPS application integrates all the functions such as: danger zones, buildings in 3D in large cities, terrain, all signs and panels , view junctions (view of junctions, forks and branches), direction signs with city names and much more.

Since the car radio is Android, it will of course be possible to download your favorite GPS application: Waze, Google Map (integrated voice search), Tomtom or Sygic and many others. All this via the device's Playstore.

Dual Zone function allowing you to use GPS at the same time as the radio or other audio and video content.

Full integrated Bluetooth

Call securely without any action on your phone. Easily launch a call in a few clicks from the car radio's directory (synchronization of your smartphone contacts), from the call log or dial your number on touchscreen keypad on the radio screen.

Automatic connection to Bluetooth when you activate it on your smartphone.

With the A2DP (audio streaming) function you will be able to listen to your music contained in your device (smartphone, iPhone, tablet, etc.) connected to the car radio via Bluetooth. The music can be changed from your steering wheel controls (if the vehicle has one) or via the touch screen of the car radio. Compatible with Iphone, Samsung, Sony, Windows phone ... etc

DAB + Digital Radio function (optional).

Thanks to the DAB / DAB + module (not supplied) connected by USB to the car radio, you can listen to your radio stations in digital HD quality. DAB module available in our shop.

Let's not forget the Radio function

Basic function with 18 possible presets, you can save your favorite radio stations and follow them throughout your journey thanks to RDS.

The station names are displayed in the center (above the frequency) and in the preset. Auto search, semi auto manual or directly enter the frequencye.

Incorporates PTY, TA, DX / LOC, Stereo and Auto Scan functions.

You can also adjust the FM reception sensitivity in the Radio settings.

Multimedia, reading materials and its easy management.

The driving experience becomes different with all-in-one multimedia.

Listen to your music, watch your videos and photos through the different media.

The USB key reader and memory card support a maximum capacity of 32GB each, you can also download or store in the internal memory of 32GB . The CD and DVD player can play audio video (up to 108p full HD) and photo content.

All media play the majority of audio formats MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC etc ... as well as the majority of video formats AVI, MPEG 1 2 3, H264, H263, VC, RV, RMVB, VP8, AVS stream and more ...

The file manager allows you to manage all media, copy / paste, duplicate, delete in the same way as on a computer

9-band EQ and Toshiba 4x50 watt preamp.

Customize the sound according to your preferences.

9-band equalizer for more precision, not to mention the fader and balance.

Digital sound processing thanks to its DSP sound processor.

Stay connected thanks to the integrated wifi or 4G key.

Take advantage of the wifi integrated into the car radio by tethering from your smartphone, for example, to surf the Internet, read your emails, watch YouTube, go to Facebook, check the weather and much more ... < / p>

Installing new apps through the car stereo's playstore will be a snap.

Google Chrome browser supports HTML5 and Adobe Flash 11.1.

You can also connect by plugging in a 4G USB modem key (not supplied). 4G / USB wifi modem key available in our shop.

Duplicate your content with the Mirror Link.

Display the screen of your smartphone or other device (Android and Apple) on the screen of the car radio, through the Mirror link function.

The sound can be sent to the speakers of the vehicle thanks to the A2DP function of Bluetooth.

The Mirror link can be connected by wifi for Apple and Android or by cable only for Android and in the latter case the control of the connected Android device is done via the touch screen of the car radio! Compatible with Iphone, Samsung (on android), Sony (on android) and other smartphones on Android.

Capture your adventures and travels with the DVR camera.

Connect one of our DVR cameras (not supplied) also called DASH CAM and record all your trips and trips.

Recordings will be stored in the device's memory and can be viewed at any time.

Recording is triggered when the ignition is switched on (the device does not need to be turned on).

The videos are recorded on SD card (so as not to fill the internal memory of the device). The videos are recorded by cycle of time under configurable (in the form of file) and when the SD memory is full the oldest file is automatically replaced by the last.

With the optional ADAS function, you will be alerted when a vehicle is in front of you (see details in the ADAS DVR camera). DVR camera available in our store.

Maneuver in complete safety using the rear view camera function.

The device allows you to connect and manage a reversing camera (camera not included).

The camera display is automatic when changing to reverse gear. Reversing camera available in our store.

Control the device with your steering wheel controls.

Control the volume from your steering wheel controls.

Also keep your other functions such as picking up, hanging up, moving forward, backward (depending on your duties).

WiFi or bluetooth OBDII interface (not supplied).

Thanks to the OBDII interface that can be connected to the car radio by wifi or bluetooth, you can read all the fuel consumption and engine management information as well as fault codes and real-time measurement (water temperature, air temperature, injection rate, battery level etc ...)

You will be able to know the origin of an electrical or electronic failure.

With these interfaces it is also possible to delete the fault codes (engine warning light, pollution or other fault indication) and all this from the radio screen. OBDII available in our store.

Auxiliary Full Video output

Unlike most models, this allows you to send all Video sources (USB, SD, internal memory, DVD) to the auxiliary audio and video outputs of this device. Also allows you to send a video (from the sd card, USB, DVD, mirror link or internal memory) to the screens connected to the car radio and at the same time use an application on the car radio (Radio, GPS, bluetooth, etc. .).

Tire pressure and temperature TPMS sensor.

After connecting the control unit (not supplied) and the sensors to the valves (not supplied), you can monitor the temperature and pressure of your tires.

If the temperature or pressure exceeds the pre-defined min and max values, an alarm will soundon the central.

Dual function on the same screen

Allows you to have 2 functions at the same time on the same screen. Only for GPS, Bluetooth, Radio, Video, Settings.

A long press on the icon (icon n ° 1 in the photo) switches to split screen mode (split screen). Dragging the circle (see image) to the left or right allows you to exit split screen mode while keeping the application to the left or right depending on the direction in which the circle is dragged.


New: thanks to our optional usb dongle (on sale in our store) you can connect your iPhone or Android smartphone and use CARPLAY or Android Auto directly on the car radio screen.

 car radio function


Package contents:

  • Original connector.
  • Electronic decoder unit for steering wheel controls and other vehicle-related functions (depending on the vehicle).
  • GPS antenna.
  • Radio antenna adapter (different depending on the model).

  • Accessories Harness:
  • 4 RCA audio outputs, 1 RCA video input and 2 audio inputs (L and R), 1 subwoofer output, 1 RCA rear view camera input, 1 rca video output.
  • USB ports: 1 or 2 (depending on the model) at the rear of the device as a cable of 1m each. (See photo of the camera accessories). Sometimes (rarely) 1 mini USB port on the front (mini to Usb cable supplied) see front of the car radio if there is no USB written = no USB on the front.
  • 1 Port for SD or micro SD card (depending on the model, see photo) on the front.
  • 1 SD card or micro SD GPS port on the front (depending on the model, see photo).
  • External microphone (depending on the model).
  • Remote control (only for S80 models). No remote control for the other models (non contractual photo).
  • Link for GPS software and 3D Europe map (SD card not included).

Translation Notices & Guides downloadable: click here

We do not provide installation instructions, the equipment is quite easy to install (original connector supplied) if you do not know how to install the equipment through a professional. You can contact us for advice on use and installation. Videos of disassembly of the original car radio available on youtube.


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