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Rear and front camera controller case


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Front and rear camera controller box.


Rear and front camera controller box

This aluminum case manages the display of 2 cameras (recoil camera and front camera) as well as the power of the AV and AR cameras.

How the display works:

When you engage the rear camera video - radars automatically appears and you can switch to the front camera by pressing the switch provides (optional installation). When you go into a standstill or engage in a speed other than reverse, the front camera video will automatically appear for 10 seconds and then the display returns to the Autoradio function.

Food and management:

This case is powered by a 12-volt wire (ACC after contact preferably) and a mass wire.

A reverse detection wire (to plug into the 12-volt lamp that powers the recoil lamp or on the reverse detection wire of your Autoradio if it automatically handles the reverse detection) is used to turn on the case when the rear step is passed and thus power the wires of the 12 Volts (of the case) to power the cameras (you can of course power your cameras in 12 volts other than through the case).

This case is compatible with our wireless system: you can use 2 wireless system kits to connect your 2 cameras wirelessly.

The power supply (exits 12V) provided on the camera sockets (front and rear) of our case activates alternately, explanation:

If you go backwards it's the rear camera's '12V' that will be activated and not the front camera's '12V' and vice versa.

You can power your camera in 12V without going through the case. But the advantage of powering them through the case is that:

- the rear camera is powered only when the reverse passage is engaged

- the front camera is powered for 10 seconds after disengaging the reverse.


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