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How do you choose your GPS Autoradio?

To choose your GPS Autoradio you first need to know the needs you have. Then, depending on your needs, your GPS Autoradio search will be fine-tuned in relation to the functions of our devices. You should also take into account your budget, which will also filter out the search. From there you will have a list of devices potentially matching your criteria.

You can choose a model based on speclectic characteristics.

To find out how to install your GPS Autoradio yourself, refer to this page: how to install your gps Autoradio.

How do you identify your needs?

We can already split our range into two parts: winCE autoradios called "non Android" and Android autoradios.

There are some common features of the two types of Android and WINCE "non-Android" GPS radios that are: GPS, DVD player USB port and memory card, radio, Bluetooth for calls and audio streaming, dual zone (GPS displayed and radio listening), rearview camera connection and other accessories.

WinCE "non-Android" bluetooth autoradios necessarily operate under a basic system (operating OS) called "Windows CE" then manufacturers exploit this system (OS) by adding the functions and design of the user interface (that's what's between you and the machine) so the display on the screen. A bit like smartphones, Samsung for example which uses the Android OS and whose manufacturer adds its own functions and UI (user interface) or Nokia with smartphones under the OS Windows phone, formerly Windows mobile or Windows phone.

Main distinction between Android and WINCE "non-Android" Autoradios?

WINCE GPS radios do not allow new apps or features to be installed unlike Android GPS autoradios. That said, they are easier to use because of their ergonomic, intuitive user interface and without too much sub menu because not everyone is necessarily comfortable with Android devices.

One of the main advantages also is that they cost less and adapt perfectly to certain types of needs and utilities that remain fairly basic.

We recently offer a USB CARPLAY and ANDROID AUTO dongle that plugs into the USB socket of the Autoradio and on the other you can plug in your iPhone or Android smartphone to use the app CARPLAY or Android AUTO on the WINCE Autoradio.

Android GPS autoradios offer more "flexibility" through the basic OS (Android) that natively integrates the GOOGLE PLAY (an app store) that allows you to download and install all the apps that are available there. These Android autoradios are more advanced in settings, menu and menu as well as in each feature that contains each setting and more detail than non-Android devices.

The main features to distinguish.

1. Android devices typically offer a higher screen resolution than WINCE (non-Android) devices: 1024x600 VS 800x480.

2. Android bluetooth GPS Autoradios require an internal memory ranging from 16GB to 64GB depending on the model unlike WIN CE autoradios that do not have internal memory.

3. Android GPS autoradios have a slightly more sensitive and multi-point touchscreen (zoom with 2 fingers) unlike winCE "non-Android" bluetooth GPS Autoradios.

Another important point: unlike WINCE autoradios, Android devices all include wifi (the ability to share the connection from your smartphone) or the ability to plug in a 4G key to connect the device to the internet and at the same time allow you to use connected applications such as social networks, google map, Waze and many others.

Android models can be distinguished, mainly by the type of processor, the size of ram (live memory), the size of the internal memory.
Models with a giant screen (over 9 inches) do not have a DVD CD player but there is the option to add a USB portable DVD CD player as an option and for sale in our Store.

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