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Installing or installing a GPS Autoradio.

More than 80% of our customers install our Autoradios themselves.

1. The connection: the original connector is provided and it is equipped with deception so it is a breeze to plug our Autoradios.

2. Integration into the dashboard: all our, devices take the same integration as the origin so the installation is very simple.

To make it all easier, we provide videos that show how to disassemble the original Autoradio and/or screen and provide assistance for the installation and use of the device.

To find out how to choose your device, refer to this page: how to choose your Autoradio gps.

You'll find more advice on installing below. Please contact us for more information or for a request for assistance.

Map with coordinates of independent installers for GPS autoradio.

If you can't find an installer near you, you can tap the yellow pages:

Geolocistion or GPS tracker, or autoradio, or auto alarm.

Installation or installation in a car centre.

Installation benefit at Green Light: click here

And other AUTO CENTRE which you can check their websites, services section to find the rates.

You should tell the installer that this is speclectic material and especially "pre-wired" (i.e. the original connector is provided).

We put this article online following complaints from customers that some Auto centers refuse services offered on their websites and in stores.

1.1 - Refusal to sell is criminally sanctioned

"It is forbidden to deny a consumer the sale of a product or the provision of a service (...)" (ArticleL. 121-11 of the Consumer Code). In other words, the professional cannot, in the name of his contractual freedom, refuse to let you buy a product or service that he offers for sale.

Install or install a GPS Autoradio yourself.

1 Decomposition of the accessories necessary to install the Autoradio:

1.1 Main connector that connects the GPS Autoradio to the vehicle:

With some devices several types of connectors can be supplied (this is due to the fact that European standards have changed and/or that the Autoradio is mounted on several vehicle models of the same brand), one of them will be used depending on the year or model of the vehicle. all connectors are equipped with different deceptions, which will help avoid making mistakes.

These connectors are always equipped with deceptions to avoid plugging in the wrong way. This connectors take over the wiring:

- 12-volt power supply

- speaker

- communication with the vehicle for steering wheel controls, backlighting of buttons with the ignition of the lights, ignition/extinguishing of the Autoradio with the contact, media info (CD/USB/RADIO/ volume ...) deported on secondary display, and other functions related to the vehicle such as the display of the original recoil radars, the climatronic for THE VW etc. (depending on vehicles and appliances)

- with some models: original CD charger / original amp / original auxiliary socket etc ...

In short, everything is put together on a connector that is clipped and equipped with deceptions, which makes it much easier to install the Autoradio for a novice. This allows you to recover all the functions thanks to a single connector that clips (this is called plug and play).

On our website the description of the devices reflects the reality, we mention everything that will be compatible and functional with your vehicle after meticulous checks by our technicians spspecialized.

1.2 FM antenna take:

All of our devices are designed in line with the FM system of the vehicle for which the device is given compatible (some models come with an antenna adapter spthe vehicle). Nowadays FM antennas are becoming more and more sperific: antenna integrated with the windows, antenna amplifier box hidden in the vehicle and often requiring a 12 volt power supply by the main connector or by the antenna cable, diversity case that divides an antenna into 2 lanes etc .

For the record, 99% of radio reception problems after installing a non-original Autoradio, are due to 2 points:

- 12-volt power of the missing antenna amplifier case (antenna adapter or connector provided with Autoradio unsuitable for the vehicle's radio reception system)

- 12-volt power of the antenna amplifier case present but a spscalability of this power supply is incorrect, in fact most vehicles (VW, Audi, Peugeot etc.) equipped with diversity case require a power supply in 150ohms or most universal autoradios are in 75ohms .

Our devices are sold with adapters and/or connectors adequate to the vehicle's FM system.


Most Autoradios are equipped with two memory card inputs (SD or micro SD depending on the model): one for the GPS part and the other for the media AUDI/ VIDEO/ PHOTO part. Some models are equipped with a Mini USB socket on the front (a mini USB to female USB cable is always provided in this case).

But for almost all adaptable autoradio, the USB socket starts from the back of the Autoradio (± 1 meter), so you can always take out this USB socket at the center console (between the plastic carpet junction), in the glove box or in another place at your convenience (empty pocket at console level, unused ashtray etc...)

You can take out at the same time the IPOD-IPhone cables / USB 3G internet key (if device equipped) / USB WIFI key (if the GPS Autoradio is equipped).

1.4 GPS antenna receiver:

Two conditions to be met for optimal reception. Receiver location: It can be placed anywhere in the board (hidden) or on the dashboard (visible).

It is best to hide it in the dashboard because easier to install and ultimately the reception will be the same as if it were placed on the dashboard.

Condition 1: It should be laid flat (vertical satellite reception, top to bottom) as in the photo below.

Condition 2: It should not be under a metal part as it would interfere with satellite reception.

Tip: You can stick this receiver on top of the glove box with double-sided.

It is accessible either:

via the location of the Autoradio (Autoradio removed)

on the side of the dashboard

partially disassembled (photo 2) the glove box (to make it yawn a little)

You will find videos (which shows how to disassemble your original Autoradio) on youtube by typing one of these terms: Radio disassembly "brand and model of the vehicle" Installation radio "brand and model of the vehicle" Remove radio "brand and model of the vehicle" DIY radio "brand and model of the vehicle" to another professional.

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