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12 Volts anti-parasite filter for rearview camera.


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12 Volts anti-parasite filter for rearview camera. Recommended for plugging in one of our rearview cameras.


12 Volts anti-parasitite filter for rearview camera.

If you've plugged in your rearview camera and you have parasites on the image or if the camera video doesn't show up (turning engine), then it's probably the alternator that sends parasites into the 12 Volts circuit. As a result, the camera gets to safety and cuts or displays parasites on the video.

This filter removes these parasites and makes the camera 100% functional.
It connects between the power cable of the camera or wireless system and the 12-volt source (recoil light, electric tailgate or trunk, 12V permanent towel rear window, etc...)

Be careful there is a sense: IN and OUT.
IN - to the source 12 Volts and OUT to the camera.


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