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Autoradio S80 GPS Bluetooth Multimedia 2 (double) din 2 din universal



Deadline: 2-4 jrs

2 years

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Autoradio GPS map Europe 3D, equipped with bluetooth, Ipod iPhone and Mirror Link. Tactile HD screen 800x480 pixel resolution, CD/DVD multimedia support, USB, SD and CD copy function to USB or SD. Includes a dual core MTK3360 800Mhz processor. Recovery of steering wheel controls.

New: Use your android or iPhone smartphone through the Android autto or CARPLAY app.


Autoradio GPS, Bluetooth incorporating the latest multimedia technologies.

Designed spespecially for your vehicle, this model will fit perfectly into your dashboard. Easy installation and connection with the original connector provided.

Find your way easily thanks to its 3D GPS function, while quietly listening to the radio or audio content through its various media, namely: USB, SD card or even its DVD CD player. All of these media also allow you to play video content.

Its bluetooth will allow you to make a safe phone call without any action on your phone. The Autoradio is able to retrieve all your contacts and call log, it also has a digital keyboard and the keys pick up hang up. You can also listen to your favourite music from your smartphone through the Autoradio via the audiostreaming (Bluetooth) function.

This Autoradio is of course equipped with the RDS Radio but also the mirror link function, rearview camera, DVR camera and other functions to discover in the detailed description.


Functions : - DVD CD player - 3G/4G - External Wi-Fi - USB and SD (32 GB max) - Rearcoding camera (not included) - Radio RDS - GPS 3D Europe - Mirror Link - Copy CD to USB SD - Apple link Ipod and iPhone - Dual zone - Carplay - Android auto (optional)
System :Windows CE
Processor :MT3360 800 Mhz Dual Core A11
Memory :No
Bluetooth :HFP - Journal Call - Call - Replica - Keypad
RAM :256Mb
Audiostreaming Bluetooth :Driving control (AVRCP) - A2DP Music
MIC bluetooth :No microphone on the front - External microphone - Additional external micro input
Screen size :6.2"
Screen resolution :HD 800 x 480
Touchscreen type :Capacitive
His :4-25w
Amplifier chip :ST7388
Radio Tuner :ST TDA7786
Retrieving flying controls :OUI (nécessite un adaptateur spécifique a votre véhicule)
Original camera recovery :Contact us
Original amplifier recovery :Contact us
Original micro recovery :No
Optional :Dongle WIFI - DVR camera (dash cam) - Rear-motion camera - Digital TV (tuner) - TPMS tire pressure - 3G/4G modem key - Carplay - Android auto


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